There are places and times in the world in which, due to the combination of many circumstances, unique phenomena are born – new qualities that change the fate of these places and people living in them. Over time, they become a contribution to the cultural heritage of humanity, radiate to other areas and affect future generations. Art is one of these phenomena.

Suchedniów displays many factors beneficial to the flowering of fine arts. Undoubtedly, it is the unique natural and cultural landscape that makes people here feel sensitive to beauty and inspires great, original artists. Local artists, among them multi-generational artistic dynasties, are representatives of many fields of art: poetry, sculpture, painting, graphics, photography, as well as modern techniques. The availability of materials such as wood, stone and clay in the immediate area allows them to express themselves in the local, noble material.

That’s why we proudly present the profiles of artists associated with Suchedniów whose presence in our town makes us live better.


Małgorzata Michalska-Nakonieczna

and Initiative Group Association POD PRĄD

Jan Anderman

Włodzimierz Ciszek

Michał Ludwik Dąbrowski

Wojciech Domagała

Andrzej Dulęba

Jarosław Zdzisław Jędrzejski

Łukasz Kutwin

Grzegorz Kwapisiewicz


Józef Miernik

Ryszard Miernik

Zbigniew Miernik

Marian Musiał

Janina Młodawska


Anna Musiałówna

Maciej Musiał

Marta Pajek

Włodzimierz Płaneta

Krzysztof Szczygieł

Magdalena Sułek

Dawid Szlufik

Emil Tokarczyk, pseudonim „Motyl”

Paweł Witkowski

Alicja Wikło

Adam Zegadło

Henryk Zegadło

Eugeniusz Zegadło