The history of the Suchedniów settlement goes back hundreds of years – we are in the Old-Polish Industrial Region, which dates back to the second century BC. During the past one hundred years several topics have penetrated into our DNA, around which the life of the inhabitants of Suchedniów flows. Wood and forests of the Świętokrzyskie region fragrant with resin – this is our traditional seedbed. Sport – because we have a powerful fighting spirit! It was in Suchedniów that during occupation there were secret workshops, in which Sten guns were made to fight the invader. The natural raw materials of Suchedniów, clay and stone, have inspired the residents as well as entrepreneurs and artists for years. See what our DNA conceals – variable, and yet permanent and ours.


An important and recognized symbol of the Świętokrzyskie Province are coniferous forests. Suchedniów lies between two very large forest complexes. One of them is the Sieradowicki Landscape Park. Therefore, timber was always in abundance, but with the development of brickwork it began to lose its significance. The narrow-gauge railway, which transported felled wood, was liquidated.

However, the exploitation of forests was not discontinued. With time, modern technology had entered – each felled trunk is now registered by means of a portable terminal used by the employees of the forest management. The Dendron sawmill, where wood is processed, has operated in Suchedniów for years. There is also a large and modern furniture factory – Meblodex.


Suchedniów does not only stand for industrial production. The town has many interesting and historical features. One of them is the Orlicz sports club functioning since 1924, which is the oldest sports club in the Świętokrzyskie Region. Apart from the football stadium, existing for many years, there is also a modern sports hall, in which all kinds of competitions and tournaments take place.

The badminton section can be proud of the particularly high sporting achievements at the national and international level. The stadium regularly hosts football matches that many residents of Suchedniów come to. Players have not achieved lasting successes at the level of national competitions, but always play with commitment and the will to compete. In the recent time they were promoted to IV ligue.

Post office

The post office also plays an important role in the life of the town. For decades, it has been located at Bugaj street in the nineteenth century building of the former Board of Mining. Years ago, it was the only way the inhabitants of Suchedniów were able to maintain ties between family members separated by distance. The townsfolk of Suchedniów, despite their attachment to their place of abode, often travelled all over Poland and even around the world.

Later, at the back of the post office, telephone exchange containers were set up, however, this method of communication was not completely displaced by the classical system – currently the post office has undergone modernization in compliance with the top standards of Poczta Polska.

Stone and Marywil

The Świętokrzyskie Region has also its mountains and an interesting geological structure that provides two extraordinary kinds of raw materials – stone and clay. The “Kopulak” quarry still exists in Suchedniów from which sandstone is extracted and the “Baranów” mine where red clay is excavated. Exploitation of this raw material resulted in the creation of the large Stoneware Factory “Marywil”.

Stoneware pipes were mainly produced there, but with the development of technology they were replaced by plastics; the plant declined and was finally liquidated as so many similar plants during the period of transformation of the political system. Stone however, being a raw material used for both large projects in Poland as well as abroad by the company Kamex, and Dawid Szlufik, a sculptor from Suchedniów, is much more in need.