ANIMATIONS AND WORKSHOPS FOR CHILDREN IN (The Association of the Friends of Children) TPD



For over a dozen years, we have been running the Integration Educational Centre of the TPD in Suchedniów.

It is the children and their needs that are our inspiration and guide to our activities.

We strive to ensure that all children in the centre, as well as those enjoying animation activities, feel safe, accepted and understood, and that they can develop their talents and passions in a friendly atmosphere.

About the offer

Animations for children during all kinds of special events - attraction for children and help for parents. The program includes, among other: games and activities, games with the Klanza scarf, face painting, artistic classes and many more.

Topic workshops: culinary, artistic and ecological handcrafts



Children from 4 to 15 years of age

Groups of min. 10 persons

All-year offer



All-year offer

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