The MOSTKI INN is a nineteenth century manor house and the former seat of the administration of the blast furnace from the times of the Old Polish Industrial Region.

It is located on a rocky outcrop, surrounded by towering, old trees, and, currently functions as an inn and Rural Cultural Centre.

The area around the INN is a perfect place for recreation and relaxation: bonfires, bivouacs, sleigh rides, trips and outdoor games as well as ecological and historical education.

Here you your idea evolves, your imagination runs wild, you will be able to form your project ... playing, singing, dancing, exercising, working. You will soar away into a new vison of adventure, filled with a multi-perspective of images. You will launch into space filled with rich discoveries, inspirations, knowledge, new experiences, relationships ...  

About the offer

Accommodation for groups and individual guests

25 beds in 2-7-person rooms

""self-service"" kitchen

shared bathroom

training rooms

bonfire and grilling pavilion, camping area, bonfire site

Rental of rooms for social, family, company, meetings, weddings, trainings, etc.

Regional cuisine prepared by the Country Housewives' Club in Mostki – upon prior request



All-year offer, dates to be agreed.

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